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FWC Regulated Species
The following lists the types of fish that are regulated species and are frequently caught off The Jax Beach Fishing Pier.  The FWC patrols the Jax Beach Pier in uniform and plain clothes, so,  If you catch any of the following remember to check the regulations on that fish before putting it in your cooler.  The fines can be hefty and can ruin your day.   Remember - Cell phones are equipped with cameras and can photo you stuffing that Illegal fish in your cooler so don't risk it.
Types of Saltwater Fish caught off Jax Beach Pier
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The Jacksonville Beach Pier was designed not only to serve the recreational needs of area residents and visitors but also to withstand the worst that the atlantic ocean can dish out.   At 1,320 feet, the new pier is 303 feet longer than the old Jax Pier which was 997 feet in length and approximately 16 feet wide. The new pier, which is handicapped accessible,  features a 20-foot wide wooden deck, several fish cleaning stations, a concession area, bait shop, and restrooms.

Opened - Dec. 30th, 2004
Length - 1320 Feet = 1/4 mile
Width - 20 Feet with a 31 x 48 ft. T- end
Cost- $3,500,000.00

Fishing - $4.00 all day
(limit 3 rods per person)
No license required
Spectators - $1.00 all day
walking on pier, looking, ect...
children under 6 are free.

  Pier Parking
There is approx 215 parking spaces at the New Jax Beach Pier. The downfall to parking is that its also used by local restaurants and nightclubs.   Call pier house for any parking information at

503 1st st. N.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Telephone: (904) 241-1515

6:00 am to 10:00 pm  7 days a week

  Pier Rules
Prohibit The following:
Roller Blades - Surf Boards - Bicycles - Pets - Sleeping Bags - Fly Rods - Hand Lines - Cast Nets - Shark Fishing - Running - Throwing items from the pier - Sitting on pier railings - Jumping or diving from the pier. No Propane Gas - Glass Bottles.
"Alcohol is not allowed on Pier"
Concession shop with bait and tackle is available. Light snacks, restrooms and rod & reel rental

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Even though this website has been known to actually bring business to and create income for the Jax Pier it was not the intention to do so. The purpose of this website is to simply provide Pier n Surf information for those looking for it and create a few friends in the process. JacksonvilleBeachPier.com is Officially The Un-Official website of The Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier.

updated: July 31, 2015